Fighting for Orange Switzerland

Quite busy these days.
Preparing for a lab visit of our biggest potential customer, which is from Orange switzerland under France Telecom.
I will do 3 Topics of Presentation to introduce the Product Catalogue, Order Capture, Contact Management module of our ZSmart Solution to our honoured guests from Europe.
My company has entered the final round of the bid for the Orange switzerland project, if we made it, that will be our first and great step into the Europe high level market, It will also be a great opportunity for me myself to prove that, besides the rutine work, maybe I can do more and better.
Also if we made it, I think it will be a great chance for me to go Switzerland and stay there help deploying our System for Orange. wow I love Alps… for the great target, I have to try my best for the presentation on the coming Mon. and Tue.!

Somebody looks pessimistic.
OK, if we didn’t make it, maybe our NZJ will be much less than what we expected, and the future of the company may be tough. But win the bid or not, my own ability on doing presentation or business communicating in English will still be enhanced, so I just need to cherish this change and care few about the result.
Anyway I am optimistic.